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PhotoBert Cheatsheets are quick reference guides for digital cameras, electronic flash units & digital photography. They get you up to speed FAST with your digital gear and software with our tips and hints.

Our camera CheatSheets are lightweight, durable, laminated reference and pocket guides that describe your camera's inner-most secrets in easy-to-understand language. Keep them on hand as your personal photography and camera guides when in the field, traveling or taking family photos.

Our Photoshop and Elements CheatSheets highlight what photographers need to know to perform digital photography editing like a pro!

Our "Digital PhotoCourse on a Card" and "Secrets of Great Digital Photography" CheatSheets are comprehensive, easy to understand photography tutorials that will teach you what you need to know about digital photography.

Digital Photography Accessories
We also carry a very select group of digital photography accessories. We don't carry anything that we don't personally use and recommend.

Our CheatSheets are also available at these fine retailers:
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B&H Photo
Camera Books
Philly Photo
Riceball Photography Bookstore
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"The Cheat Sheets are the best"

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"Your "CheatSheets" are terrific!"


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