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Digital PhotoCourse on a Card CheatSheet
Price:  $12.95

The FAST TRACK to learning Digital Photography!
Includes access to a companion on-line PhotoCourse!

"A Great way to learn Digital Photography!"

Forget the big books and the videos you only watch once!

This is a one-of-a-kind CheatSheet that's a whole Digital Photography course on a card - 5 pages of what you need to know - in easy to understand English!. This CheatSheet is a practical, no-nonsense guide to learning the basics of photography. It contains a wealth of information on the subject of Photography presented in an easy to understand manner. There is no easier way to learn the basics!
It contains the "basics" you need to understand to move ahead with digital photography. Some of the included topics include:

*Why pictures don't come out the way you saw them;
*Exposure Basics: ISO, Apertures & Shutter Speeds;
*Getting the RIGHT exposure with your camera's different exposure modes (Programmed,Aperture Priority/Value, Shutter Priority/Time Value & Manual);
*What fools your camera and causes bad exposures (ever get a washed-out sky or sunset??) and how to get it right
*Exposure Equivalencies and why they're important;
*What your camera can see and what it can't;
*Lens focal lengths - zoom and prime lenses - and how your digital camera may be changing your effective focal lengths;
*Why your pictures may not be coming out as sharp as they should be and how to adjust;
*Depth of Field and Hyperfocal distance explained;
*RAW images vs. JPEG - the advantages of each explained;
*White Balance - what it is and why it is only important with JPEG images;
*Flash Photography - how far can your flash reach, bounce flash and the common flash modes explained (TTL, Slow Sync, Red-eye reduction, & Rear Curtain)  exposure basics (shutter, aperture, etc.), exposure bracketing, Depth of Field, lens focal lengths, what a digital camera's sensor sees (and what it doesn't!), filters, brightness zones, white balance, photographic composition and much more.
With everything on one sheet, it's all just a glance away.  Use the CheatSheet as a study guide and then take it with you when you go out to take pictures.  By having this reference with you, you'll find learning photography easier than ever.

The size of this full-color CheatSheet is:
Folded: 6" x 11"
Un-Folded: 17" x 11"

Laminated, waterproof and very sharp and clear, this is a very high quality product.

PhotoBert Digital PhotoCourse on a Card

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