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Lightroom Classic/Photoshop-ACR V13+ [Camera RAW] eBook
Price:  $19.95

Adobe Camera Raw eBook
An eBook reference for Adobe Camera Raw (based on ACR version 13)

This ACR Reference eBook (PDF) is a must-have for novices and experts alike. You can edit RAW files like a Pro with this all new Adobe Camera Raw reference.

It's 50 pages packed with useful and easy to understand information that you can immediately put to use for both Mac and Windows users. We explain all of the tools in Camera Raw and explain how and why you use them.

Adobe Camera Raw eBook

This eBook is the ultimate reference for the engine that runs under Photoshop/ACR, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic.

Post processing is the most important step after you have captured the perfect image. This eBook will help you easily take control over your images to create beautiful images that stand out from the crowd.

If you've had trouble understanding RAW files or how to post-process RAW files, then this is for you. It explains every tool in Camera Raw and guides you through how to use them and when to use them.

It doesn't matter if you use Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic - they all use the same Camera Raw engine under the covers. Every feature in the most recent version of the Adobe Camera Raw engine is covered in this eBook.

Here is the table of contents, showing what the eBook covers:

ACR Tools and Options:
 Keyboard Shortcuts
 DNG files
 XMP Sidecar files
 Hidden Options
 The Filmstrip
 Before/After Viewing
 Undo / Redo / Reset
 The Histogram
 The Auto Button
 The B&W Button
Edit Tools:
 The Basic Edit Panel
 The Tone Curve Panel
 The Detail Panel
 The B&W Mixer Panel
 The Color Mixer Panel
 The Color Grading Panel
 The Optics Panel
 The Geometry Panel
 The Effects Panel
 The Calibration Panel
The Crop and Rotate Tool
The Spot Removal/Heal Tool
The Adjustment Brush
 Masking Options
 Size, Feather, Flow & Density
 Luminance Range Masks
 Color Range Masks
The Graduated Filter Tool
 Brush Adjustments
 Luminance Range Masks
 Color Range Masks
The Radial Filter Tool
 The Invert Option
 Luminance Range Masks
 Color Range Masks
The Red-eye Reduction Tool
 ISO Adaptive Presets
 Changing the Default Presets
Managing Settings
Additional Features
 Merge to HDR
 Merge to Panorama
 Synchronizing Edits
Camera Raw Preferences

Here's a sample page from the eBook: (Click on the sample below for a larger image)

Adobe Camera Raw eBook


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