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 Sunlight-White Reflector   Price: $15.95

Control harsh light! -- You can control harsh sunlight by filling in the shadows - and this reflector can help you do that!

Digital camera images exaggerate shadows and highlights, thus your pictures can come out with too much contrast when taken in sunlight. Those harsh shadows and highlights need to be tamed. You can easily do this with a reflector by reflecting the sun onto the areas that have shadows. This technique works very well with outdoor portraits or still-lifes (such as with flowers). 

This reflector has two sides - one is white, which provides neutral fill-in light. The other is "Sunlight-White" - this is a combination of gold and white - providing a slight amount of warming as well. It's very good for flesh-tones and most everything - warming, but isn't overly warm as are gold-toned reflectors.

This reflector is a convenient 22 inches in diameter when open, but folds up and stores in a 9 inch diameter pouch - making it a perfect size to fit in most camera bags. And it weighs less than 5 ounces!

Sunlight-White on one side;
White on the other.
The Sunlight-White side
is made up of
white and gold stripes
that provides a warming effect.
Click the images
below for examples
of how the
Sunlight-White &
Translucent reflector
can help improve your images.

Sunlight-White Reflector Click for larger images
Yellow Rose Results

Click for larger images
White Rose Results

White Rose Results

Click for larger images
Red Rose Results

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