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Important Note: This accessory CANNOT be shipped Internationally.

 Camera Rain Cover   Price: $25.95
 Normally retails for $28.95

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Don't get caught in the rain without this!
This low-cost accessory can SAVE your expensive digital camera!

THIS Camera Rain Cover can be an indispensible accessory.

Rain can destroy your expensive electronic digital camera, but this inexpensive accessory can provide the protection you need if you get caught in the rain.

If you shoot outdoor sporting events (soccer games, football, etc.) or if you plan a vacation where rain is a possibility, it's an accessory you need!

Some rain covers are made to be used one-time only. Ours is very high-quality and is designed to be re-used many times. A similar "name brand" rain cover sells for well-over $100!

It is made of a lightweight waterproof material featuring hook and loop fasteners and a draw string closure. Included is a clear vinyl window for the camera’s LCD screen which is secured behind the camera’s eyepiece allowing for an unobstructed view of the image being photographed both in the viewfinder and on the LCD screen.

It folds up to about 7" x 6" x 1/2" (or smaller), so it fits easily into your camera bag.

Medium size for cameras with short zooms and telephoto lenses up to 300mm.

Rain cover with 18-200mm zoom lens Rain cover with 300mm/f4 lens  
 Camera Rain Cover w/200mm zoomCamera Rain Cover w/300mm f4 lens 
LCD Window with Viewfinder flapRain cover with 300mm/f4 lens  
Camera Rain Cover LCD Window Camera Rain with 300mm lens 


This is a high-quality, durable rain cover - although we HATE to shoot in the rain, every so often, we need to - and this accessory has saved us more than once!

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