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 Sirui K-10x Ball Head   Price: $117.95
 Retails for $159.95

The Sirui K-10X Ball Head
A superior Arca-Swiss Style Ball head at a very reasonable price!!

Aviation Quality Aluminum

Just look at the design and build of SIRUI KX Series Ball Heads and you'll see that their rugged construction and use of aviation quality aluminum will provide many years of professional use.

Safety & Flexibility
The SIRUI KX Series Ball Heads have advanced features that provide safety and flexibility. The SIRUI patented safety lock system, with secondary lock release on the Quick Release platform, lets you re-position your camera/lens for proper balance, without worrying that they will accidentally slide off of the platform. The use of Arca-compatible quick release plates allows you unlimited choices and options. (Note: safety lock design not available from other brands)

Max Performance
For maximum performance and flexibility, there are two separate control knobs. One control knob is for the panning base. Having this as a separate function makes adjustments fast and easy, while not affecting other settings on the ball head. The main locking knob has a conveniently integrated friction control knob that lets you set the proper friction for the equipment you are using.

For critical horizontal or vertical alignment, there are three built-in bubble levels on the quick release platform. Important information at the camera position - more useful than on the tripod.

Superior Manufacturing
SIRUI uses a special manufacturing technique that produces the support ball with tolerances to within 0.01mm of a perfect sphere. This uncompromising precision guarantees superior performance and smooth operation for any type of 35mm DLSR or medium format camera system.

The interior locking system in SIRUI Ball Heads uses SIRUI designed double bevel locks for outstanding locking performance and reliability. Most ball heads only use a single, less efficient interior locking system.

The panning base is designed with a 360° dial. Having a separate panning base lock knob provides greater accuracy for panning and panoramic shooting. The patented safety lock design, and SIRUI quick release plates, effectively prevent the camera from accidentally sliding off of the ball head when you slightly loosen the Quick Release Clamp (to adjust the positioning of your equipment). And most quick Arca release plates can be used on SIRUI Ball Heads (Note: safety lock feature not applicable with other brand plates).

The patented safety lock design, and SIRUI quick release plates, effectively prevent the camera from accidentally sliding off of the ball head. And most quick release plates can be used on SIRUI Ball Heads (Note: safety lock design not available from other brands).

The custom anodized surface treatment makes all metal surfaces highly resistant to abrasions and produces a beautiful appearance.

  • Separate control knobs for panning and locking. Friction knob is conveniently located on the main locking knob.
  • Triple bubble levels allow precise horizontal leveling for critical shooting situations.
  • SIRUI's unique locking mechanism provides unequaled locking force even with loads up to 20kg (44.1lb)!
  • Included in the box: Ball Head, Arca-compatible SIRUI Quick Release plate, soft case, instruction manual and warranty card.

Compare these Features!

ReallyRight Stuff
BH30 Pro
  Load Capacity44 pounds15 pounds15 pounds
  Height3.8 inches2.9 inches4 inches
  Weight14.4 ounces10 ounces19 ounces
  Base Diameter1.9 inches1.6 inches2.4 inches
  Ball Diameter1.3 inches1.2 inches1.65 inches
  Tripod Mount3/8 inch3/8 inch3/8 inch


Sirui K-10X Ball Head

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