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 9/5/13What does it take to take great pictures?
 10/5/13Visualize: Begin with the End in Mind
 11/3/14Think about this before you shoot... "bflics"
 11/2/17Improving the pictures you take is an art
 7/25/13Optimize your filters: One filter for all lenses
 1/1/14The Polarizing Filter - put some Magic in your Photography
 4/3/14Re-thinking the "protection" filter
 7/8/16Landscape Photography Filters
 10/2/17Changing Filters doesn't doesn't have to be a pain!
 7/15/13Using Flash - Getting Better Flash Pictures
 7/15/13Using Flash - Using your Flash
 8/15/13How Cameras See - Lenses
 8/18/13Playing with a Fisheye lens - The Rokinon 8mm f/3.5
 2/5/15Open up a new world of Photography with Macro Photography!
 6/6/15All about Teleconverters
 9/4/18Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Zoom Lenses
Picture Quality/Exposure
 7/15/13How Cameras See - Color
 7/15/13Understanding White Balance
 7/29/13How Cameras See - Dynamic Range
 5/1/14Understanding "Noise"
 9/2/14Getting JPEG Images "Right"
 10/6/14Digital Image Sensors - Megapixels and Quality
 1/2/15ISO Speeds - When to Change it
 7/9/15Why pictures can come out too dark or light
 8/8/15Shooting Modes Explained - Unraveling the PSAM (PTvAvM) Maze
 2/8/16How to take Great Sunrise or Sunset Pictures
 8/8/16Understanding Image File Formats
 3/4/17Why I (almost) Never shoot in MANUAL Exposure Mode!
 4/14/18Using Program Shift/Flexible Program on your DLSR
 1/4/19Histograms: What they are and why they're important
Post Processing
 11/1/13RAW vs. JPEG - what's right for you?
 12/1/13A new dimension: Black and White
 11/1/15Turn your lenses into Ultra-high quality with this software
 11/8/16Simplify your picture taking and improve your pictures!
Taking Sharp Pictures
 1/15/13Achieving Image Sharpness - A "Solution"
 2/15/13Achieving Image Sharpness - De-Magnify or Stabilize
 3/15/13Achieving Image Sharpness - AutoFocus
 5/15/13How Cameras See - Depth of Field
 6/1/14Sharper pictures and cleaner optics: the story of ROR
 7/1/14How your Aperture affects overall image sharpness
 3/2/15Tripods - Why you need one, how to buy one and how to use them
 3/4/17Camera stabilization – Tripod, Monopod, Beanbag or other?
 6/15/13Showing your Images
 7/18/13My strategies for shooting Fireworks
 8/9/13How to Shoot with a Hi-Res Camera
 9/21/13Reflecting on how to take better Flower pictures
 10/3/15Night and Low-Light Photography
 10/3/16Your camera's LCD Screen is lying to you!
 11/4/16Photographing the Full Moon
 1/4/17How to become the best Photographer you can be
 1/7/17Say Goodbye to all your images?
 7/5/17What will your next camera be: Smartphone, Compact, Mirrorless & DSLR?
 7/5/18Learning from the best to improve your photography
 11/4/18Photographing the Night Sky & Your Camera's Super-Power
 6/4/19Infrared: Getting started
 7/4/19Infrared: Post Processing
 6/14/20Improve your Photography with Critiques and Remakes
 2/1/14Traveling with your Camera Gear
 1/2/16Tools for being at the right place at the right time.
 3/17/20Social Distancing Photography

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