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Adobe Elements v5 {6} CheatSheet
Price:  Normally $12.95 - now on sale for $8.95!

The FAST TRACK to editing photographs in Photoshop like a pro!

Covers Photoshop Elements
5 & 6
(although the title only indicates version 5, Adobe made very few changes in version 6)

This CheatSheet contains concise information on how to improve your images in PhotoShop Elements. If you've been intimidated by terms like Histograms & Levels, fear no longer!  This is for you!

This amazing CheatSheet covers the most important aspects of editing Photographic images in Photoshop Elements version 5. While Photoshop Elements contains a HUGE number of features, this CheatSheet concentrates on what a photographer needs most. Once you understand the topics on this CheatSheet, learning the rest of what's in Elements will be much easier.

This 4-page full-color CheatSheet is:

Weather proof
Full Color
Convenient size - 9x11
Very durable 3-mil laminate
Easy to read - very high-quality print/stock
6 full pages

The following topics are covered:

Understanding Histograms
Automatic Adjustments
Quick Fix
Level Adjustments
Shadow/Highlight control
Removing Color Casts
Adjusting Color for Skin Tones
Curves (Color Curves)
Color Saturation and Hue
Cookie-Cutter Cropping
Extracting Objects
Straightening Images
Transforming (Free Transform - Rotate, Scale and Skew)
Batch Processing Files
Clone Tool
Red-Eye Removal
Converting to Black & White
UnDo History
RAW Conversion
Adjustment Layers
Layer Masks
Healing Brush
Spot Healing Brush
Canval Resizing
Understanding Image Sizes
Viewing Sizes
Print Image Size
Workflow Strategies

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