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Nikon Z6 II Digital Mirrorless Camera CheatSheet
Price:  $10.95

This is a one-of-a-kind CheatSheet for the Nikon Z6 II Digital Mirrorless camera. If you own this camera, you know what an amazing device it is. But who can remember all of those functions??

This CheatSheet is like having the manual on a card - but better! It's a concise summary of what's in the manual. It's is an "easy to take with you", invaluable quick reference. It's printed in full color on both sides of a full-sheet of paper that's laminated with a light 3-mil laminate and is folded in thirds. When folded it's about 4" x 8 3/4" so it stores easily.

Laminated, waterproof and very sharp and clear, this is a very high quality product.

Covered topics include:

Battery InformationSlot empty release lockSlide shows 
Energy SavingAutoexposure bracketingRetouch menu reference 
Card FormattingFlash bracketingMicrophone adjustments 
Touch controlsWhite balance bracketingMovie shooting 
Function buttonsADL BracketingMovie qualities 
Monitor mode buttonVirtual horizonTime-lapse movies 
DISP buttonInterval timer photographyMovie electronic vibration reduction 
Menu referenceActive-D lightingLens vibration reduction 
Information buttonExternal flash sync modesVignette control 
Primary & Secondary slot functionExternal flash output/FV lockDiffraction compensation 
Wi-FiExternal flash exposure comp.Auto-distortion control 
Viewfinder focus (diopter)Shutter speed reference for external flashFile number 
Reset optionsExternal flash bracketingFolders 
Focus optionsPicture controlsAuto/manual low pass filter cleaning 
Focus LockHigh-ISO noise reductionCustom settings reference 
AF Fine tuneLong exposure noise reductionCustom settings reset 
AF Area modesFile naming Exposure modes 
Focus point selectionFoldersUser exposure modes 
Focus shift (focus stacking)Color spaces/File namesSilent photography 
Image qualitiesFlicker reductionISO equivalency 
Image sizesWhite balance optionsExposure compensation 
Movie sizesWhite balance fine-tuningHDR shooting 
Movie frame ratesAirplane modeRelease modes 
Movie qualityPlayback optionsSelf timer options 
Image area sizes & DX CropPlayback display optionsMultiple exposures 
My Menu / Recent settingsPlayback rotate tallMetering options 
Shooting informationMovie playback options (i-menu)Auto-exposure lock 
Pixel mappingMovie PlaybackShutter/aperture lock 
PhotoBert Z6 II CheatSheet

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