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Canon 600EX-RT/600EX Speedlight CheatSheet
Price:  $7.95

This is a one-of-a-kind CheatSheet for the Canon 600EX-RT & 600EX SpeedLights.  Professionally designed by a photographer - for photographers.

Weather proof
Small (about 4 1/2" x 8 1/2")
Very durable - laminated in 10-mil laminate
Small, but easy to read - high-quality print/stock
Fits in your camera bag
Printed in color

Nobody can remember all of the features, modes and the "how to" instructions so here's an "easy to take with you" quick reference that is invaluable in the field.

This CheatSheet is full of useful information on how to use the various features of this flash. 

Topics covered include:

Battery InformationFlash Exposure Lock (FEL)External Metering
Auto Power Off SettingsFP High-Speed SyncGuide Number reference
Quick Flash2nd (Rear) Curtain SyncWireless Radio/Optical
Lock ButtonHead Bounce/Close-Up/TurnRadio Transmission Wireless Flash
Camera/Flash Exposure ModesZoom Head PositionOptical Transmission Wireless Flash
Flash Coverage / Sensor SizeWide Panel UseCustom Settings
AF-Assist BeamModeling FlashPersonal Settings
Flash Exposure CompensationReset to DefaultLCD Reference (ETTL)
Flash Exposure Bracketing (FEB)Color Filters   
Manual FlashStroboscopic Mode  

All this on a "take it with you" durable card.


PhotoBert 600EX-RT/600EX CheatSheet

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