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 M-Plate Pro Tripod Plate   Price: $69.95

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The M-Plate Pro Tripod Plate

If you use a tripod and a camera strap -- this is what you've been missing.

Transition to/from your tripod quickly and easily
with the M-Plate Pro Tripod Plate. If you’re using a sling strap or other accessory that attaches to the tripod mount, you no longer have to waste time removing the strap in order to mount your camera to a tripod.

TThe M-Plate is a universal camera tripod plate system with the world's first integrated tripod mount to work with most Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss connections, and modular attachment points for accessories.

If you're like me, I like to walk around with a camera strap. I've always liked mounting a camera strap to the tripod socket on my camera, but found it a real nuisance at those times when I wanted to use  a tripod. I had to remove the camera strap and attach a tripod mounting plate in its place. But with the M-Plate Pro, I can have one plate attached to the bottom of my camera that allows me to attach my strap to the plate WITHOUT losing the ability to mount my camera on a tripod. Plus, with the C-Loop (sold separately), I can very easily remove my strap whenever I want. It's the best of both worlds!

The M-Plate Pro has the following features:
  • Universal: You can quickly attach it to any tripod while using your camera strap system. It's compatible with ALL camera straps using the C-Loop, as well as the BlackRapid, Sun Sniper, Spider Holster, Cotton Carrier and others that attach to the tripod socket.

  • Built-in Manfrotto RC2 + Arca-Swiss Quick Release: It comes ready to mount to either a standard Arca-Swiss or Manfroto RC2 quick-release plate. And, extra mounting holes make it compatible with virtually any tripod plate.

  • Fast Access: When used with the C-Loop (sold separately) the camera hangs perfectly balanced on your side for instant engagement.

  • Comfortable: Ergonomic design relocates the tripod socket making it easier to use.

  • Durable: Made from aerospace grade aluminum and hard anodized for a superior black finish.

  • Accessories: The built-in M-Link Port™ will connect with future photo and video attachments, including flash brackets and video rigs that are currently in development.

M-Plate Pro

The M-Plate works in concert with the C-Loop (sold separately). You attach your camera strap to the C-Loop and then you can attach the C-Loop (with your strap attached) to the arm on the M-Plate. You can easily attach or remove your strap this way and can always attach the M-Plate to your tripod (with or without the strap attached).
C-Loop and M-Plate Pro

Check out this video shows how the M-Plate Pro attaches to Arca-Swiss and Manfroto RC2 tripod mounts:

Here's a review of the M-Plate and C-Loop:

This video shows how you can use the M-Plate Pro with most other tripod systems as well:

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