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Schedule a Live Video Demo

Interested in a product we sell, but aren't quite sure it will fit your need?

You can call us for simple questions (860-656-7446) or you can call or email us to schedule a live video demo using Skype, where we will show you any product we sell and answer any questions you may have.

You're under NO OBLIGATION to purchase. We want you to be happy with any products you purchase from us, so this is a great way to help ensure your satisfaction.

Call or email us to let us know when you'd like to schedule the demo  - if you email us, please provide us with several times that are good for you. We'll get back to you with a time.

We use Skype for our demos, so you'll need to have Skype installed on your computer - you don't need a camera, just a microphone. 


You can use Skype with your mobile phone, tablet, Desktop or other devices.

To receive a call from us, you'll need to add our Skype ID to your contact list. Our Skype ID is: bertsirkin2

For information on how to use Skype, please see this page.

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