PhotoBert CheatSheets has been in business since 1996, but we closed our digital doors on Dec 10, 2022. We are no longer in business.

As a very small company with no employees, my wife Mary Anne and I have managed our unique niche in the photography trade. We are eternally grateful to all of our loyal customers that we've had the honor to serve over the past 26 years.

If you wish to purchase our CheatSheets, check out B&H Photo, as they have most of our products.

As a professional photography instructor, I'm concentrating my efforts on education and training. If you or your club is interested in a presentation or for training, we have a variety of topics that we are ready to speak on.

Here is a list of presentation/training topics that I provide:
PhotoBert Presentations PDF

You can contact me at +1 860-656-7446 for more information.