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 Photographer Winter Gloves   Price: $17.95
 Sells for $29.95 elsewhere!

Photographer's Gloves - Lined with Overlapping Finger caps

These waterproof gloves will keep your hands warm, but allow you to have two fingers free to use your camera.

These gloves are fleece-lined and have reinforced a palm "grip" surface that allows you to have great control over your camera in the cold. The finger flaps are overlapping and the wrist has an elastic cinch to help keep cold-air out.

Photographer's Gloves
Above shows how the finger-covers can expose two fingers.
Both right and left gloves have the overlapping finger covers.
The wrists have an elastic cinch to keep cold air out.

One Size
These gloves come in one size to fit a mens size large. To verify they'll fit, measure your hand around your knuckles. If you measure 10 inches or less, these will fit.

Photographer's Gloves


  • Waterproof
  • Reinforced palm
  • Fleece-lined to keep you warm
  • Overlapping finger flaps (index and thumb)
  • Plastic hook holds the pair together when not in use (helps from losing one glove)
  • Allows you to use mobile devices with touch-screens

Photographer's Gloves
The above shows the front-and back of one glove.
The palm has a "grip" surface to help holding your camera in the cold.

Photographer's Gloves
The inside of the glove has a fleece liner to keep your hands warm.

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