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 Follow-Focus   Price: $9.95


Shoot Movies like a Pro with your DSLR

When shooting movies, the only reliable way to focus is manually. You often need the ability to follow a subject, which means the subject's distance from you changes. Unfortunately, Autofocus on most cameras is not able to follow the subject very well. Sometimes the subject moves, and sometimes, you want to move in relation to the subject. This means that you have to be able to focus acurately. This requires you to find the focus ring on your lens quickly and be able to adjust it appropriately.

That's where this Follow-focus tool comes in. It makes it very easy to find your focus riing and to follow your subject so that it stays in focus.

This Follow-focus tool fits lenses up to a 4 inch diameter, which means it will fit almost every lens ever made for DSLR cameras. 


You just turn the blue-arm in the image above to follow your subject so it stays in focus.
Follow Focus


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