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 Translucent Disc   Price: $15.99

Control harsh light! -- When photographing certain subjects, strong sunlight can create nasty shadows - and digital cameras will exaggerate these shadows.

This is a translucent disc - you don't "reflect" light with it, but instead you "diffuse" light with it. You place it between the light source and your subject and it provides nice-even lighting for your subject.

We've found that this translucent disc works best with small subjects - such as flowers, etc, but you can also use it for an outdoor head-and-shoulders portrait. It can help provide soft lighting when used with flash as well.

This reflector is a convenient 22 inches in diameter when open, but folds up and stores in a 9 inch diameter pouch - making it a perfect size to fit in most camera bags. And it weighs less than 5 ounces!

  Click the images below for examples of this disc,
as well as our Sunlight-white reflector.
Translucent Reflector
 Yellow Rose Results
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White Rose Results
 White Rose Results
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